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Psychological Counseling Services

Personal Counseling

Students and doctoral candidates who are matriculated at ETH or UZH are entitled to counseling with us.

We will gladly discuss any issues that you have. These may be study-related, but may well also be personal, since it is often personal pressures that affect a student’s ability to learn and perform. Problems may arise with the start of university, with the choice of study program, or with conflicts in a student’s relationships or family.

In an initial discussion, we will look at the difficulties you have and define with you what it is you wish to work on. Together we will then consider possible actions and solutions. A solution is sometimes found surprising quickly, and a discussion helps you to realize that you have more options open than initially assumed. People often say that sessions with our counselors offer relief. They can also help to make you interested in understanding yourself better.

Our counseling service is confidential and free of charge. One sessions takes around 50 minutes.