Counseling Services

Who can come to you for counseling?

Students and doctoral candidates who are matriculated at ETH or UZH are entitled to counseling with us.

I am an employee of UZH/ETH. Am I also entitled to counseling with you?

If you have a specific situation that you would like to discuss concerning a student for whom you are responsible, you are welcome to make an appointment with us. In cases that are work-related, please contact your HR office at UZH or ETH. Should you be interested in psychological treatment, we will be happy to give you the addresses of our counselors’ practices.

Which kind of problems can I discuss with the Psychological Counseling Services?

We will gladly discuss any issues that you have. These may be study-related, but may well also be personal, since it is often personal pressures that affect a student’s ability to learn and perform. Problems may arise with the start of university, with the choice of study program, or with conflicts in a student’s relationships or family. Further information on our services can be found on our website at: Personal Counseling

What should I do if I am concerned about a friend or colleague?

You can encourage them to contact us and make an appointment for a counseling session. Sometimes people are too inhibited to go straight to a psychotherapist, and in these cases we are a good place to start.

Do you offer group counseling?

We offer a number of themed group sessions and workshops. You will find our range of services at Courses for Groups

Appointments / Contact / Site Map

How can I make an appointment with you?

Please book appointments by phone or mail: 044 634 22 80, pbs@sib.uzh.ch. We are also available during semester vacations.

Where can I find you?

The Psychological Counseling Services are located on the second floor of Plattenstrasse 28. Link to the interactive map: Map (GIF, 114 KB)

Counseling Sessions / Advice on Psychotherapy

Do the counseling sessions cost anything?

Counseling with us is free of charge.

Is the counseling confidential?

Yes. The discussions are confidential. You can feel free to talk openly with us – we are subject to professional confidentiality.

Which languages are spoken?

We offer counseling in German, English, French and Dutch.

How many sessions can I have with you?

There is no set limit to the number of sessions you can book.

When I visit you, will you make a diagnosis?

Our aim is not to diagnose or categorize you but to explore with you why you have difficulties in one area or another.

What can I expect from counseling? Will I be given a solution to my problems?

In an initial discussion, we will look at the difficulties you have and define with you what it is you wish to work on. Together we will then consider possible actions and solutions. A solution is sometimes found surprising quickly, and a discussion helps you to realize that you have more options open than initially assumed. People often say that sessions with our counselors offer relief. They can also help to make you interested in understanding yourself better.

Do you also offer psychotherapy?

Due to high demand and limited capacity, we cannot offer full psychotherapy treatments. If you are interested in psychotherapy, we will be happy to help you find an appropriate therapy center. We will also advise you on financing your therapy.

Counseling Team

Who works at the Psychological Counseling Services?

Our therapists are all clinical psychologists with qualifications in psychotherapy. The following link leads you to our team.

Other UZH/ETH Counseling Services

Which other counseling services are available at UZH and ETH?

UZH students will find details of counseling services at: http://www.uzh.ch/en/studies/infoadvice.html

ETH students can find counseling services via the following link: https://www.ethz.ch/students/en/advice.html

Crisis / Threat

For several weeks, suicide has been on my mind and I have thoughts of taking my life. Can you help me?

Please phone us or visit us without an appointment. We will help you ease the pressure and find a solution to your situation.

In cases of acute danger, you can get help by calling the police (117) or emergency medical services (144).

You can call an emergency psychiatrist, who will come to your home, laboratory or workplace, via the Ärztefon (Emergency Phone): 0800 33 66 55

For an urgent doctor’s consultation, you can visit Permanence at the Zurich Main Station, open daily from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm: 044 215 44 45.

I feel threatened and stalked. What should I do?

We help victims and offenders find appropriate external counseling or treatment. Depending on the situation, we will also involve the Threat Management team at ETH (044 342 11 88) or UZH (044 635 41 41). Until you have found appropriate counseling or therapy, we will provide crisis support.

I am seriously worried that a friend or colleague could harm themselves or another person. What should I do?

Please phone us or visit us without an appointment. In cases of acute danger, you can get help by calling the police (117) or emergency medical services (144).

If the person is likely to harm someone else, please contact the Threat Management team at ETH (044 342 11 88) or UZH (044 635 41 41) and let them know what you have noticed.